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Koschei entered the shuttle bay, clutching a small bag. Inside were Time Lord tools used for engineering. He wasn't a doctor or warrior, but he was very talented at mechanics and fixing things. There was little he couldn't do with machines, so he thought that would be his best chance of being helpful. The ship was dark and he wondered what the others were up to.

Open to all

Jo wasn't one to shy away from danger and she'd faced all sorts of things with only what she carried. So she put her bag over her shoulder, pulled out a torch and stepped out into the shuttle bay. She shone it around, but was a little less confident at the creaking noises and the shifting shadows. "Hello?" she called out. "Is anyone there?"

Open to Jack and Ianto

Martha received the information from the Guardian and immediately made her way to the medical bay where she put together a kit. On her way there, she remembered Jack would kill her if she left without him, so she pulled out her phone. "I'm going over there to save people Jack. Would you or Ianto... or both... come with me? I'll be in the TARDIS medical bay for the amount of time it takes to put together a proper medkit."

Guardian announcement

Various screens in the TARDIS flick on and display either the White or Black Guardian according to preference. He says:

"We've answered a distress call from the SS Enterprise. It appears they have been attacked and need our help. We will land in the shuttle bay. I do not have any details of what you may find there, so proceed with caution."

OOC: See the post on the OOC comm for more information.


Meeting at the whiteboard

OOC: Anyone who wants to be involved in the Cluedo plot is invited to join in here in solving the mystery.

What we know so far:

Harry and Three discovered Dr Black was killed with the lead pipe, which the murderer hid under a loose floorboard on the stairs. The pipe came from the kitchen and had Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum's prints on it.

Jo and the Master spoke to Mrs Peacock. She reveals that party is Colonel Mustard's and the house is also his. During Dr Black's murder she was in the library sitting down ('indisposed' she says). Dr Black was a good friend of her late husbands and Dr Black was a geologist who was pursuing a puzzle with Professor Plum, but she doesn't know what. She heard someone argue with Dr Black earlier in the evening, that someone was probably either Reverend Green or Professor Plum.

Ian and Barbara speak to Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum. Miss Scarlet discovered the body on her way to the kitchen and thought she saw Professor Plum leaving the scene and argued with him over that. When the murder happened he was playing billiards in the Billiards Room with Mrs White. After dinner everyone went off in pairs: Miss Scarlet went upstairs, Colonel Mustard and Mrs Peacock went to the library to see about a book, Dr Black and Reverend Green had a political discussion, location unknown.

Jo and the Master then move onto Reverend Green. He reveals that there was some tension between Dr Black and Professor Plum at dinner, but he put it down to Miss Scarlet flirting with them both. He had heard the two had fallen out over something in their research, but since they were cordial at dinner, they must have made up.

Ian and Barbara move onto Mrs White. She confirms that she and Professor Plum were playing billards, but after their game he was a sore loser and she left. She ended up in the library, where she saw Colonel Mustard and Mrs Peacock 'indisposed' together. She didn't see where Professor Plum went (or didn't). She also saw Reverend Green discussing something with Dr Black, but didn't know what they spoke about.

Questioning the guests (open to all)

Ian was keen to find out who'd murdered the poor man. Although his background was in science he wasn't sure where to start there. He could analyse things to discover what killed him and look for fingerprints, but he needed somewhere to start first. So he was off to find one of the guests to speak to and stopped in front of a door, beyond which he could hear two people talking.

In the mansion OTA

The Master was wandering the mansion, idly looking for clues and speaking with the inhabitants. It was always intriguing to speak with killers and he had little doubt that each of the suspects was at least capable of killing. Really, he's finding this mission rather enjoyable.
A message in red pen is quick to appear, in handwriting that's neat but not as dry as one with a passing acquaintance with the writer might expect.

"We suspect everyone has been as unhappy as we to be sent out distressingly unequipped into mortal peril, mystery, and/or strange nonsense. As you know, we have been endeavoring to correct the situation as best we can, and are pleased to inform you that we have multifunction scanners operational for every crew member.

Please see Captain Harkness or Ianto Jones at your convenience to be outfitted with yours. You are welcome to text or phone to make arrangements if you wish.

Our gratitude to those who supported the project. Suggestions for any further constructions that would benefit the lot of us are welcome. -IJ"

With a dead body

Harry wasn't just going to take the Guardian's word for it, he wanted to see the victim for himself. He'd found him on the stairs and he was most definitely dead. Of what, he couldn't say. There was blood, but none where he was found, so he hadn't just taken a tumble down the stairs.

He couldn't leave the body there, especially with one of the younger women getting distressed at the sight. So with the help of a man who said he was a colonel, Harry got the body on a stretcher, covered it up with a sheet and took it back to the TARDIS.

Now he wheeled it through the corridors wondering what to do. An autopsy was called for, of course, but he was used to autopsying aliens, or humans who'd had some sort of alien involvement. A perfectly normal occasion, albeit one usually investigated by the police, was unusual for Harry.

Cluedo Whiteboard

This is for contents of the whiteboard in the console room.

Once you've found something out, write it here. If you track/keep an eye on the comments on this post it might help you keep an eye on what's going on.


Guardian announcement

Various screens in the TARDIS flick on and display either the White or Black Guardian according to preference. He says:

"We've landed in Tudor Mansion in England in the 1920s. Unfortuantely, Dr Black has been murdered and left on the stairs. The murderer is one of the six other occupants and you should find out which of them did it. You may find the white button on the console to be of use."

OOC: See the post on the OOC comm for more information.


Martha should have turned around and gone back to the ship when she saw where they were. She should have gone back to the ship and stayed there. She hadn't been to the mines yet. She hadn't been anywhere yet because people kept kicking her out. She was hot, tired, dusty, sweaty...

And now there were men following her and she didn't have a good place to hide and pull the key over her head. They followed, calling out rude comments. One even asked what she'd done for her master to strike her across the face. She should have covered up that bruise too.

She was so scattered, Martha suddenly realized she didn't have anywhere else to go. She had made a wrong turn somewhere and was in an alley between two shops. There was a wall on the other side. And she was most definitely stuck.

Lost in the Library (for Loran Cehack)

Martha had not wanted to leave her room for some time after her incident with the Master. But necessity called for it, namely that she needed another book from the library. Still, Martha kept to the shadows as she crept towards the library, checking around corners whenever she could. Thus, Martha was very... very surprised when she did actually run into someone.
The Doctor had left Jo to do her own exploring and entered a nearby pub. If nothing else, he could replenish what hydration had been stolen by the day's heat. He did hope, however, to find something interesting. A bit of gossip, perhaps, or some private information which has slipped from the mouth of an over indulgent miner.

He settled on a stool, sipping from a pint, and casually studied the crowed around him. He was quite content to continue for quite some time, until he felt the unmistakeable presence of another Time Lord, and swiveled around on his seat, expecting to see the Master.

Finally, the Doctor was pleasantly surprised. A sensation he wasn't used to, unfortunately.

In the mine (for Ian and Simm!Master)

Once he was in the mine Ian followed everyone else. He did have the opportunity to mind some gold while he was there and he put some in his pockets, just like everyone else. He wasn't sure if he'd keep it or not, but it would have looked more odd if he'd left it there. When nothing out of the ordinary happened he moved along.

It was possible that nothing would happen while he was in the vicinity and he was beginning to wonder how long it was worth staying down here when he heard a heavy footstep and turned to see what could definitely be classed as a monster. It certainly wasn't anything native to Earth and it bore more of a resemblance to the sort of monsters who came from Mars and carried off women in the sort of books Ian liked. Except this one was walking towards him and taking up the whole of the tunnel space.

The only thing to do was to run and get everyone to clear the mine, but the creature was faster than it looked and grabbed Ian's ankle as he turned. Ian fell to the ground, scraping his hands when he put them out to break his fall.

"Help!" he shouted. "I'm trapped." While literally true, in some respects, he hoped that would get the miner's attention more than 'I've been caught by a monster from outer space'.
Even after two years on the Earth, Loran Cehack was still left speechless at each sunrise he had the good fortune to witness. Brilliant colors painted the wilderness, illuminating the morning fog. He only wished this moment could stretch on forever, but there were far more important things to take care of. He had to find Queen Dianna.

The cockpit of the White Doll retreated upwards, its windshield snapping shut around the young pilot as he activated the mobile suit once more. He could cover far more distance in his search with the help of the White Doll, but it was a risky prospect. Moonrace scouts may see his simple search as Militia aggression, and the absolute last thing he wanted was more fighting. But his sensors weren't picking up any such readings for now, so he steered ahead with caution.

Loran and the White Doll marched through a plain speckled with rolling hills and beautiful flowers as the sun crept into the sky. It was peaceful enough to lull him into a contented trance... one that didn't last long at all. The cockpit's monitor overlays lit up, blinking red and drilling an alarm straight into his brain. He all but jolted out of the seat, eyes widening as he scrambled to read the data in front of him...


"What?! But there isn't even anything there..." He glanced from the monitor overlay to the field in front of him, just in time to see... something materialize from thin air less than a hundred yards away. It was no mobile suit... but what was it? No relic from long ago would just appear out of nowhere in the middle of a sunny plain.

Loran shifted in his seat with unease, waiting for the object to do something. His heart felt like it was going to leap into his throat, but that feeling soon faded only to be replaced with a burning curiosity once he realized the mysterious object wasn't hostile or otherwise moving. He lowered the cockpit to the ground once more, hopping out of the White Doll.

He closed the distance to the strange thing in no time, running his hands along its outer frame. It was almost like some sort of monolith made of glistening white metal and warm to the touch. He hadn't seen anything like it, not on the moon, the Earth, or even among the relics from the Dark History.

Needless to say, he was even more surprised when a previously hidden door slid open to admit him entry. Loran hesitated, reaching inside just to make sure it wasn't some sort of illusion. Unsteady steps over the threshhold followed...

OOC info, explanation of in-series terminology and suchCollapse )

Colluding with the Ally (pre-Ballarat)

He had only three requirements when trying to think of somewhere to text the Doctor about: Jack-free, other pedestrian-free, and likely to remain that way. His present surroundings seemed like a safe bet, trees and moss and ferns. A plot of forest in the middle of a spaceship, and no functionality that he can determine beyond... being a plot of forest in the middle of a spaceship. It's just a nice bonus that it's also about as calming as anything's likely to be. He could do with more calm.

Information sharing

(After Jo, Three and Koschei have met and separated - for Three and Koschei and/or anyone else who wants to join in)

Jo had spent an interesting, not to mention educational time talking to the locals. Despite everything that was going on, there were always people wanting to gossip, or just wanting to tell their story and be believed. Listening was something Jo'd had a lot of practise at.

She made her way back to the bench she'd met the Doctor and Koschei at, hoping they'd found some information themselves and between them they'd be able to work out how to help.
The wardrobe in the Guardian's TARDIS was quite kind as to provide Barbara with a rack of clothes to choose from. Well, probably not just Barbara, but it certainly felt that way. The dress she chose fitted perfectly, and even the bottom hem stopped at the perfect length above the floor. She smoothed the dress over her hips as she admired herself in the mirror. Her historian senses tingled, picking the time period of the dress (mid 19th century), and then she tried to figure out the nationality.

But seeing what was outside the TARDIS was far more exciting - despite her last experience not being favourable. The itch of adventure needed to be scratched, and Barbara left the wardrobe room to zip out into the corridor -

- and straight into Captain Harkness. Whatever he was carrying spilt everywhere.

In Our Defense OTA

The Master had been training St. George for some time now, but not allowed him off the TARDIS. Today, he changed that, taking the dragon with him to explore Ballarat. Let the humans convince themselves that St. George was simply a large lizard. The Master didn't care. He needed to get St. George into a fighting position, to see if the dragon would reliably defend those he knows from the TARDIS.

So, the Master set out to explore Ballarat, his scaly friend walking beside him.

(ooc: Feel free to send NPCs at me too, because of St. George. :D )
After the Doctor told Jack about his conversation with Ianto, Jack had to find out what had happened and, more importantly, why. Why would Ianto confront the Doctor? Jack had assumed the things that had passed between them were in confidence. This didn't sit right.

He stormed through the TARDIS, texting Ianto as he went, demanding his location.

Watching the world (open)

Knowing that she was going to the mid-19th century meant that Jo could dress accordingly. Admittedly that was partly because the wardrobe room had signposted a section for the 1850s, but at least she looked like she belonged here as she walked through the streets.

She wasn't out there long before she sat in the shade, fanning herself. Jo was used to all weathers, but not generally in this many layers of clothes. She was content to sit for a while and watch people go about their business. And perhaps she'd find out something about why people were so mysteriously disappearing.

Guardian announcement

Various screens in the TARDIS flick on and display either the White or Black Guardian according to preference. He says:

"We've landed in Ballarat, Australia in December 1851. It's the start of the gold rush. You may find this useful, for some of the TARDIS operations use gold. But beware, people have been disappearing mysteriously..."

OOC: See the post on the OOC comm for more information.


Forever Is A Long Time

Jack was in the Observatory, on the floor on his back, watching space pass them by. He liked lying on the smooth, polished floor. All he could see was space. It was like he was just floating there. He found it calming.

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