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Guardian RPG

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This a pan-fandom RPG set on a TARDIS, as seen in Doctor Who.

You receive an intriguing message with a map and key that purport to be from either the Black or White Guardian. When you check it out you find it leads to a type 400 TARDIS with a working chameleon circuit.

The TARDIS is more advanced than anything you've ever seen and the controls make no sense. Fortunately the TARDIS flies itself; unfortunately you can't control where and when it lands.

The Guardians often give you missions to other planets or times (and occasionally alternate universes) (a la Stargate or Star Trek or Doctor Who). When the TARDIS lands somewhere you might want to take the opportunity to stock up on items needed in the kitchen, wardrobe and bathrooms.

If you want to leave, you just have to ask the Guardian to drop you off and they'll oblige. If you want to get back to the TARDIS the original message gives you instructions. As soon as you follow them, the TARDIS will be back where you first found it and disguised the same way.

In time, if you research the TARDIS you will come to understand it and be able to control it. Over time more rooms will appear, but the rooms are only limited to the imagination and don't have to be canonical in any way.

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